Outdoor Health PermaNet®

PermaNet® Insecticidal Curtains

Insecticide-treated curtains have shown to provide efficacious vector control to reduce the transmission of malaria, dengue, leishmaniasis, and Chagas diseases. The PermaNet® technology has now been incorporated into curtains to provide a new type of tool for fighting vector-borne diseases. PermaNet® Curtains are the first long-lasting insecticide-treated curtains.

The Long-Lasting Insecticide-Treated Curtains will also be efficacious against day-biting vectors such as dengue mosquitoes.  The PermaNet Insecticidal Net is a personal protective tool but the PermaNet Insecticidal Curtains will protect the whole household – therefore, both combined would mean ‘day and night’ protection from disease-causing vectors.

Arrow  Ready-to-use curtains pre-treated with Deltamethrin, an odourless and biodegradable insecticide

Arrow  Have longest-lasting killing effect on mosquitoes and houseflies; continue to kill and repel mosquitoes and houseflies for 2 years and a minimum of 6 washes

Arrow  Made of 100% polyester which is the preferred material by end-users

Arrow  Require no re-treatment or dipping; thereby decreasing the need for repeat intervention

Arrow  Contain a dirt repellent to keep clean longer

Arrow  Safe to use for all, including pregnant women and young children

Arrow  Produced in a large-scale professional production facility under strict quality control