Ice Grippers 5 ClawsIce Grippers 5 ClawsIce Grippers 5 ClawsIce Grippers 5 Claws

Footwear Accessories

Ice Gripper - 5 Claws

These lightweight portable ice walkers are strapped onto the bottom of your footwear to give traction in slippery winter-weather conditions. Perfect for pedestrians, professionals and the elderly, it provides greater stability while walking on snow and ice, reducing the risk of falls and injuries while walking to school, work or on snowy holidays.

  • A necessity for walking naturally on slick slippery surfaces
  • Helps reduce the risk of falls on snow and ice
  • Easy to take on and off
  • Ergonomic design easily stretches over shoes and boots
  • Won't damage shoes or boots
  • Stainless steel & latex rubber
  • Color:  Black
  • Size:  S (up to E40 / UK6.5)


Ice Grippers 5 Claws

Ice Grippers 5 Claws