Electronics Exelite


Today, Exelite's electro-luminescence (EL) technology and innovative design principles represent a revolutionary step forward in the field of personal safety.

The LumiPAC is a versatile pack cover with two EL lamps embedded into it.  The LumiPac will fit most backpacks or can be worn on its own if required.  Ideal for any person who carries a backpack!


    No need to rely on external light sources
  • HIGHLY VISIBLE up to 800M
  • Useable in EXTREME weather conditions
  • 3 MODES - Constant ON / Slow Blink / Fast Blink
  • ADJUSTABLE for the perfect fit
  • External pockets
  • Lightweight



Exelite products generate their own vibrant light, which can be seen from a distance of up to 800 metres.   This is four times the distance from which traditional retro-reflective materials can be seen - in ideal conditions.   And of course, the traditional retro-reflective materials can be effective only when a separate, direct light source is present.

The illumination created by Exelite products is an electronic light rather than conventional incandescent light.  This means that the generated spectrum beam is visible in its original form, even through fog, smoke, and rain.  Because the beam of light does not scatter, the user's location can be accurately determined in any weather condition.   This makes Exelite products a much safer alternative to other safety products currently on the market.

When driving in the dark, research shows [www.sdt.com.au (Stopping Distance Times)] that by the time the motorist's brain recognises that there is a hazard and applies the brakes, the vehicle could have travelled as much as 110 metres at normal highway speeds.   Whether or not the motorist would stop within the 200-metre visibility range of normal reflective material is entirely dependent upon road conditions and the type and condition of the vehicle being drive.   Even with a fully compliant vehicle and good road conditions, there is only a small margin for error allowable with normal reflective material.   However, because Exelite products are visible for up to 800 metres, any vehicle should be able to slow down and stop with room to spare - even at high speeds.