Kovar 202 StoveKovar 202 StoveFire-Maple FMS-103 StoveKovar 202 StoveKovar 202 StoveKovar 202 Stove

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Kovar 202 Portable Stove

This small portable gas stove should prove to be a winner for any budget conscious camper.  It uses cheap and easily available bayonet-type butane gas canisters usually used in steamboat gas stoves. 

The gas stove is simple in design, easy to operate and maintain.  With a strong firepower,1L water can be boiled in less than 4 minutes.

With a low centre of gravity and ultra-wide pot stands, the stove can handle big pots as wide as 11" without stability problem. 

Highly recommended for group use.


Arrow Material:  high strength aluminium, copper alloy and stainless steel

Arrow Net weight: 416g (stove only)

Arrow Gross weight: 500g (with packaging)

Arrow Gas Consumption: 100g/hr.

Arrow Power: 2800 BTU

Arrow Ignition:  Piezoelectric auto ignition

Arrow Size: 112 x 112 x 95mm

Arrow Packaging:  Easy to carry Oxford nylon pouch


Kovar 202 StoveKovar 202 StoveKovar 202 StoveKovar 202 Stove