Kovar 202 StoveKovar 202 StoveFire-Maple FMS-103 StoveKovar 202 StoveKovar 202 Stove

Camp Kitchen Stoves  

Kovar 203 Windproof Camping Stove

With a wide foldable lotus windshield, this windproof stove can withstand strong winds when cooking and at same time is energy saving in fuel usage.

The gas stove is easy to operate and maintain.  It uses cheap and easily available bayonet-type butane gas canisters usually used in steamboat gas stoves.  With a strong firepower,1L water can be boiled in less than 4 minutes.

It is heavier than its smaller cousin but made up for it in terms of its fuel-saving feature which translates into lesser number of gas canisters to be brought along on a multi-day camping trip.

Recommended for use in environments where windy conditions are expected.


Arrow Material:  Copper alloy and stainless steel

Arrow Net weight: 470g (stove only)

Arrow Gas Consumption: 100g/hr.

Arrow Power: 2800 BTU

Arrow Ignition:  Piezoelectric auto ignition

Arrow Size: 145 x 145 x 120mm

Arrow Packaging:  Easy to carry Oxford nylon pouch


Kovar 202 StoveKovar 202 StoveKovar 202 Stove