BRS-17 Packaging


Camp Kitchen Stoves Accessories

Lindal-to-Bayonet Head Adaptor with Remote Hose

This is a very useful adaptor which allows any stove which has a threaded (lindal-valve) head to use cheap & easily available bayonet-head gas canisters which are normally used with steamboat stoves.

The gas hose converts a top-mounted stove to a remote stove. With another stove head converter (sold separately), this adaptor can utilise both threaded and bayonet type gas canisters.  This means your stove can be used anywhere around the world as long as camping gas canisters are found.

Arrow Material:  Stainless steel and zinc/aluminium alloy.

Arrow Opened size:  Φ184 x 35mm  

Arrow Folded size:  110 x 55 x 35mm (plastic box size)

Arrow Weight :  137g  



Lindal-to-Bayonet Adapter with 2 connector headsBRS-17 Packed