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Jeebel Camp Gas Refill Adaptor

Jeebel Camp Gas Refill Adaptor

Jeebel Camp Gas Refill Adaptor

Jeebel Camp Gas Refill Adaptor

Jeebel Camp Gas Refill Adaptor

Jeebel Camp Gas Refill Adaptor

Jeebel Camp Gas Refill Adaptor

Jeebel Camp Gas Refill Adaptor


Camp Kitchen Stoves Accessories

Jeebel Camp Gas Refill Adapter

The common gas cannisters found in here are Cassette gas cannister that is commonly used on steamboat stoves.

For camping & mountain use, the preferred stoves are those with Lindal-valve threaded head. The reasons are not only of practicability but also simplicity.  These stoves burn better in high attitude, they are easier to setup and since they are usually small, they can be packed together with the cook sets.

However these Lindal threaded / screw-in cannisters do not come cheap, the cheapest 230g is around SGD 9 but the Cassette Gas cannister 250g of a pack of 3 cans cost around SGD 8.  Using the Cassette gas cannister would be much cheaper.  An ideal solution to this costly issue will be to tranfer gas from cassette gas cannister into Lindal threaded cannister. Here is a product that is capable of doing this task.

Hand made from copper. Enables you to refill your gas canister in a similar fashion that you would a gas cigarette lighter. With this device you can refill the Lindal screw-in type gas canisters from the cheap butane cassette type canisters so you can save quite a bit of money.

Package: 1 Adaptor + 1 extra O-ring (Notice:The gas cylinder is NOT included)

Arrow Material:  Copper

Arrow Weight : 5g  

Arrow Diameter x Length: Φ8 x 17mm  

Arrow Package :   Comes with extra replacement o-ring.   The O-rings is inside the copper pipe and won't be lost.

Guidelines for Use (also see photos):

1)   Weigh unused full butane canister and write with felt-tip on the base.
2)   Place empty canister to be refilled in freezer for approx. half hour or overnight.
3)   Remove canister from freezer and place adaptor onto the canister.
4)   Take your new full butane canister and insert into adaptor.
5)   Push canister firmly down for 10-15 seconds at a time, checking each time the weight of the canister until it matches the original weight written on the base.

Important Notes:-

1)    If you exceed the original weight of the canister you can expel the excess gas by turning the canister upside down, facing towards the floor, and push the adaptor in by hand, then check weight.

2)    This is very important as exceeding the original weight of the gas in the canister, reduces the amount of space within the canister for the gas to expand. Failure to do this will mean the stove will spit out liquid gas during use until the pressure in the canister is reduced sufficiently.

3)    After you have refilled the canister it is always good safety practice to check the seal on the canister for no leaks. Only refill your canisters in a well ventilated area, i.e. outdoors






Jeebel Camp Gas Refill AdaptorJeebel Camp Gas Refill Adaptor
Jeebel Camp Gas Refill Adaptor